Why Zionsville?

Zionsville, Indiana is a Northwest suburb of Indianapolis, which is Indiana’s largest metropolitan area with over 2 million residents. Zionsville is, according to the most recent census, the fastest growing city in the state, with an explosive 82% growth since 2010! Within 6 miles of the city center, there are roughly 60,000 people who profess to be unchurched and without Jesus. Upon visiting the area, we observed a myriad of new housing developments, many young families, and plenty of space for new growth.  But, this isn’t why we chose Zionsville. We chose Zionsville because it’s where God directed us. How? Early in our marriage and for a small time after leaving the military, we briefly lived in northern Indiana, and we struggled to find a church that connected to our hearts for fostering a culture of disciple making and community outreach.  When God called us to plant a church, Indiana was nowhere near the top of our preferred list, but we were willing to go wherever God sent us.  Sure enough, northern Indiana was the place we couldn’t shake off our hearts.  So we drew a circle from southeast of Chicago, down to Indianapolis, and out to Fort Wayne.  We knew this was the area God would take us, but not specifically where.  So we drove. We prayed and we drove, and we prayed and we drove. We asked God to make it easy by giving us clear a “no” as we passed through cities where He was not calling us.  He honored that request.  We received a clear “no” in every city we passed through, until we hit Zionsville. Without even seeing the city, upon crossing into the city limits, my wife and I looked at each other, and we both had tears in our eyes. We wept not because this is where God wanted us, not because a nearly five-year hunt was over, but instead for the people in the Indianapolis area.  There are just so many people here that do not yet know Jesus.  That was our unshakeable confirmation. That is why we are planting Station Fellowship in Zionsville.