Why Station Fellowship?

We love the name Station Fellowship! Most people who hear it do, too. But how did we come up with the name?  Again, it was God! Pastor James had left for a conference and though he did not know it, Shelly prayed that morning that if he brought home anything from that conference it would be a name for the new church.  God allowed James to learn numerous things from the conference, and a name for the new church plant was one of them! A speaker said something that sparked his memory about the history of Zionsville.  James had read that Zionsville had been founded around a railroad station. The reason the town grew, became a settlement, then a township, and eventually a city was because of the rail station. That station changed the area forever! It brought new people into the area, many who settled there! Even more simply came to visit for business or pleasure, and when their business was concluded, they went to the station to be sent back out.  What a great picture of what the church should be doing!  We want the glory of God to bring people into Station, the Holy Spirit to conduct His business of life transformation, and then send people back out with new life and new purpose! We want God to use this new church to be Indianapolis’ next life changing Station!