About Pastor James



James was born into a Christian home in 1980. His father was a bi-vocational minister and farmer for the first eight years of James’ life, until he began ministering full time in 1988.  Growing up in a pastor’s home, James has experienced the ups and downs of life in a pastor’s family.  

As a child, James was taught the Gospel and about salvation by grace through faith. In fear of an eternity in hell, he prayed the “sinner’s prayer” many times, nearly every Sunday for years! At the age of eight, James felt a calling on his life to full-time ministry.  This was not a calling from his parents or his church, but from God.  James, in fact, was very skeptical of religion and God throughout his later childhood and teens despite his immersion in the church. 

In 1998, he began attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri where he met the love of his life, Shelly.  They married in 2000 and now have five children.

In 2001, James joined the U.S. Air Force and became part of the Air Force Chaplain Corps. During his nine years on active duty James learned much about world religions, working closely with leaders from many common faiths such as Catholic Priests, Imam’s, Mormon Elders, etc.  God used these nine years to serve as a time of clarification so that James could see how others view the One True God of the Bible, as well as how James understood Him and how much everyone needs Him.  In his early twenties, James prayed by faith for salvation one final time, this time understanding it was not words uttered that saved him but a heart fully given to God and fully changed by Jesus Christ.

In 2010 God called James out of the military to pursue the calling He had placed in him as a child.  James had no idea what that calling looked like, but he and his family obeyed and moved back to his father’s church in Texas. Over the next eight years James served in various capacities, from children’s minister, to youth pastor, creative director, praise band leader and executive pastor. There are not many aspects of ministry that God did not have James work in for at least a year or more! In 2013 God gave more clarity to the calling on James’ life. He and his family were to plant a church. Four years later, God led them to the Indianapolis, Indiana metroplex where James and his family will launch Station Fellowship in 2019 - thirty years after God called him into ministry!